Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy New Year!

Yes, yes, I'm still alive ;) We had (what seemed like) a long break from school, and are just getting back into the swing of things this week. There was a tree put up and taken down, scores of mincemeat tarts baked and devoured, a trip to Seattle, and, to be honest, pretty much no relaxing, or sewing! I am {slightly} glad that school is back in session. And I have a few finishes and a never ending WIP to share with you.

Spotted in Seattle:

Gorgeous sewing machines! I saw a similar display in Oxford Circus in London last summer, but didn't manage to snap a picture.

Back at home, I carved out a little time to knock out a few quick finishes.

He is too cute!

A simple card wallet to house all those loyalty/membership cards that were taking over my purse.

A remote control basket.

With a little Architextures.

One of these awesome pincushions that I have wanted forever! You can see it has already been put to use, it is a perfect tool for hand sewing hexagons on the couch.

I discovered that I have a surprising amount of sewing related fabric! I actually made one of these pincushions for the VMQG scrap swap last month, but forgot to take a picture before giving it to its recipient.

This is my latest addition to my son's pirate quilt (last seen here).It was his request, so pretty hard to say no, although I worry with all the paper piecing in this quilt it is going to end up being less of a cozy bed quilt, and more of a wall hanging quilt, which is not what I was going for! I am hoping that as long as it's not too heavily quilted it will still be soft and comfortable.

My favourite part of this block is the 3D bandana knot. This is from the Something Wicked blog hop. I am planning to add a couple more swords at the bottom of the ship, then an inner border, a middle border of pinwheels, and an outer border to bring it up to size, and then a little a little appliqué and it will be done. I reserve my right to completely change that plan at any time, of course!

I am still nowhere near caught up on my reader, but I have been awed by all the creativity and inspiration I have seen in blogland over the holidays. I'm linking up to WiP Wednesday at Lee's, and will be looking forward to catching up with you all!

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  1. All of your makes are gorgeous - I don't know which I love more. That pirate block is just fantastic - your son's quilt will be amazing!

  2. Wow, what an awesome job you've done on your pirate - it's going to be an amazing quilt. Lucky boy!

  3. Lots of great projects! The pirate block looks fab!

  4. What great projects! I love he paper pieced pirate block and the sofa pin cushion/caddy, I need one of those!

  5. I've seen those pincushions around blog land and thought they were cool - but I never considered how useful they'd be for couch sewing! Awesome!

  6. my first time popping in from freshly pieced. Your little projects are cute, and just the way to get back into the sewing groove. Have a great day!

  7. Only a few? Seems like you have been busy! I can't wait to see the finished pirate quilt. That bandana is cool.

  8. omg that little wallet is awesome! lol I love it! <3 Feel free to come here and knock out a few little projects any time! :) I am stopping from the WIP hop, I would love to have you drop by my post: http://domesticdeficitdisorder.blogspot.com/2013/01/its-wednesday-wip.html

  9. I love how you have that deer perfectly centered for that loyalty card wallet!! I really need one of those pincushions, myself. I always seem to get distracted by other things. I remember seeing that pirate on the Wicked hop...your son is going to LOVE that!

  10. Love that little card wallet - sometimes it's the simple little things that have a great impact.

  11. Love it all! The card wallet is gorgeous, and who couldn't love your pirate quilt!

  12. All of your projects are fantastic. I love the pirate block, the quilt is going to turn out amazing.


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