Sunday, January 13, 2013

A List

Arggh, matey! I've got a quilt to finish, and need a little prod with the old peg leg, a little parrot voice on my shoulder to egg me on.

I need to finish my boy's pirate quilt, so I'm joining up with the Leanne's Finish-along at She Can Quilt.

Here's my official list for Q1:

1. Pirate Quilt. I need to put all these pieces together in a cohesive way!

2. Madrona Road Quilt Guild Challenge

I am making a paper piecing template for this today (a copy of an existing quilt pattern, but I don't think I have the patience to make the pattern as originally designed) - it will be a cushion cover, not a quilt -- hey, I know my limitations!

3. Princess and the Pea mini-quilt 

I have got as far as sewing one panel onto this (mostly because the panel I received from Spoonflower had almost no seam allowance at the bottom of the panel, and I was worried it would fray if I didn't put something there right away! This will have a little patchwork frame, with some embroidery at the bottom.

4. Japanese x and + blocks.

Hopefully these will be turned into a table runner, or pot holders, or, well, something!

Of course there are quite a few unofficial projects that I want to be working on (but haven't started yet), such as:

1. Dining chair slip covers. I bought some new (to me) chairs that match my old chairs, except the backs are about 1 1/2" inches taller. I made slip covers for my old chairs, but will have to draft a new pattern for the new ones, and since I can't get anymore of the fabric I used for my old chairs, I will probably replace those covers too. Hoping to get these done before my in-laws arrive on Feb 8. Hah!

2. VMQG name tag challenge. Have to get this done this week!

3. Baby quilt for an impending niece/nephew.

4. Applique onesies for said baby.

Okay, this could go on for a while, but I'll leave it at that, before it becomes embarrassing.

There's still a few hours left to link up with the Q1 Finish-along, if you feel so inclined!

she can quilt

I'll also link up with Plum and June's Monday Let's Get Acquainted link-up tomorrow.

Plum and June

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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun projects. I am about to FAL fail because I haven't written a list yet and I know the deadline is looming.

  2. That's quite a list but full of wonderful things - and I can't wait to see the pirate quilt!

  3. I'm also looking forward to the pirate quilt. Boys and pirates, treasures and ships and eye patches and swords...are all meant to be together. Enjoy.

  4. Love that darling pirate quilt!

  5. Looks like there will be lots of lovely things to see around here soon :-)

  6. That is quite a list! You can do it! I love that pirate quilt. I'm starting to wonder if the only reason I want kids is so I can make them adorable things...

  7. What a fun list! I still love that pirate quilt!

  8. Wow! that is a lot of projects. Very impressive. I'm looking forward to seeing howthe pirate's quilt turns out.
    Happy sewing.

  9. These are fun projects, I love that pirate and the ship! I am glad you made it into the FAL in time, I am slowly getting to visit all the lists.

  10. Some great Pro Craftinating going on here ... nice work! I love the pirate quilt. I came in from the Monday Link Up and I will be following to see more crafty and quilty goodness... :) Pat


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