Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2013 Q4 Finish-a-long Roundup! (And other goodies.)

Yes, I am a last-minute Lucy! I did actually finish a few things, so I'd better link them up fast!!

Here were my goals:

1. & 2. Finish two twin size quilts for my boys. These are ready for binding and have an October 23 deadline, so this should be no problem. Done and Done!

3. Wonky star Mendocino Mermaid quilt for Ivy. Mostly cut out, just waiting on more background fabric. Done!

Yep, that is the worst quilt photo ever, the room isn't big enough to even get a shot of the whole thing. Moving on.

4. Field Study triangle quilt. Basically outright copying Blue Elephant Stitches' gorgeous quilt. Have it about half cut out... Yeah, still only half cut out :(

5. Remember that pirate quilt... Shiver me timbers, I think this one must be in Davey Jones's locker by now! (Er, not done.)

6. Those pirate pinwheels (and the extra 16 I made because of my sad math skills!) will become another small quilt, maybe for the boys, or to be donated. Sadly, not done either.

Sad to say, but that 50% ratio is pretty darned good for me these days! I am pleased to have the most important quilts done. The sewing machine has been pretty neglected as of late, what with power outages, winter storms, Christmas, etc. I have been keeping myself busy with other things, however:

That is just a small selection of the honey cowls that I have made recently! And a cardi for the girl...

And one for the boy...

Not to mention the replacement christmas stocking! (It's the green one.)

I'm linking up to Leanne's FAL Q4 page because...yay, I finished something!!

Hope you're all staying warm if you're in the arctic zone (aka most of North America)! Thanks for visiting ;)