Friday, March 15, 2013

Still here, still crazy.

I have been, and still am to a degree, in the trenches. One of my littles is going through a tough time, and meeting his needs has been pretty all-consuming, so when I turned on my sewing machine this afternoon, it was for the first time in over a month. And that's okay, because my family will always take priority, and I never want to feel stressed out about sewing or blogging, as these are things that I want to do for fun (and to relieve stress!). So it is in that spirit that I'm linking up with the lovely Catherine at Knotted Cotton, to celebrate being a slow blogger. Like a suuuper slow blogger.

I do have some sewing things to share, whenever my next free moment comes up, but here's a tiny peek of what I'm working on right now -

Yep, that's right, I'm just started my Madrona Road challenge today. And yes, it's supposed to be done by Monday. Thank goodness I wasn't planning to make a whole quilt!

Wish me luck!

As always, thanks for visiting :)