Thursday, November 14, 2013

Minecraft, squared.

Yay, two finishes for the Q4 finish-a-long! (And I'm sure I'll get around to updating my Q1 FAL button any day now.)

These were totally inspired by this quilt, and other similar quilts that I found on Pinterest. My boys are both really into Minecraft, and while I'm not in love with video games, I realize that they are hard to avoid, and Minecraft seems to offer a lot of the positives of online game playing, and not so many of the negatives. And it is very sweet to see my boys tucked in every night with their minecraft quilts!

These were actually completed a couple of weeks ago (and I had them long armed, as I didn't really feel up to wrestling two 88"x72" quilts through my relatively small sewing machine), but I have really been struggling with taking photos in order to blog them - first having enough light, or a good indoor space to lay out a large project, and then being able to edit them. I find I am usually too lazy to fire up the laptop in order to use picmonkey these days, and I have been looking for a good iPad app that does the same things as picmonkey -- cropping, adjusting brightness/contrast/saturation, maybe some filters if I'm feeling artsy, border options, text overlay, and the ability to make a collage. I have been trying a bunch out, and so far PicsArt seems to offer most of these, but I'm open to other suggestions!

In search of the ultimate lazy blogger's platform, I'm going to be trying out Instagram - you can find me there with the username @chezroo. Click the little button if you want to be Instagram friends! (And I'm new there, so friends are very welcome!)


I spent yesterday doing a little wavy line quilting on this Sea and Stars (Mendocino Mermaids/wonky stars) quilt. Finishing this one will mean all my littles finally have their own mama-made quilt.

It has been so long since I linked up to anything, I may have forgotten how to do it, but I'm going to have a go: I'm linking up with Thank Goodness It's Finished Friday, hosted this week by the lovely Audrey at Hot Pink Quilts, who is showing off her glorious Marie in all her Glory Tula Pink quilt - I won't mind if you run off right now to see it.

Thanks for visiting, I have been missing y'all!