Thursday, May 30, 2013


Babies. Aren't they awesome? The best of times, and sometimes the hardest of times, all wrapped up in one small bundle. My brother-in-law recently had his first baby, a little boy, so naturally a baby quilt was required. I had planned to make a rainbow quilt out of stash fabric, but then fell for a charm pack of Simply Color - rainbowliscious, but not too feminine.

Add some straight line quilting...

And some Ikea fabric for the backing...

This was my first HST quilt - have to say, love the look, hate all the trimming... Ugh!

I have a little something to show off from my own baby (although he's almost ten!). He saw this pattern in my copy of Mollie Makes, and decided to make them. He did them all by himself. Aren't they cute? Of course, every time I look at them I think, "isn't he cute!"


We are now in the midst of planning a cross-country move for our family this summer, so blogging will probably continue to be sporadic until things are more settled. I do have more to share, and I love that I have you to share it with, so thank you for visiting!