Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sackboys & Beachboys

Here is my WIP for this week.

Disembodied arms and legs...yikes, it is like a sackboy massacre. These little babies have to be finished in the next couple of days for the Spring Fair, so that I can spend the rest of the week baking 100+ cupcakes :)

After that, it will be back to the Pirate quilt, which I have done a little bit of work on, but nothing very exciting to see, just more curved piecing for the background sea.

And my excuse for the lack of crafting this week? We spent this past weekend in Tofino, on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Our trip there consists of a ferry ride through the spectacular Gulf Islands, and a drive across the island, which always involves two mandatory stops: the first is at the Goats on Roof market in Coombs to pick up groceries and have lunch. There really are goats on the roof (of course they were being elusive and I only got one very blurry picture so I can't prove it to you), and the market is an eclectic mix of colour and whimsy that is so characteristic of Vancouver Islanders. Need a large ornamental elephant? This is your place.

After lunch, we had just one more stop to make. I find it impossible to drive past Cathedral Grove without stopping to marvel at the old growth Douglas Firs. The oldest ones here are about 800 years. They are majestic.

As soon as we arrived in Tofino, we headed straight for the beach:

And of course, stayed for the sunset.

The next day was to be our last day of sunshine (it is also known as the wet coast, after all), so we headed to Long Beach.

(Yes, those are surfers. Yes, this is Canada.)

The rest of our weekend was spent hottubbing (is that a verb?) in the rain, looking at the gorgeous scenery and breathing the forest-scented air. If you ever have the chance to visit, Tofino is a beautiful and unique place that will steal a little piece of your heart.

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  1. I think the sea quilting is looking fab! And what an amazing time you had, I would love to go there one day :-)

  2. Oh man, this makes me want to go back to Tofino! It's been way too long! I grew up on the island and we'd periodically visit Long Beach. What a beautiful area!

  3. Haven't been to Tofino in years! Your photos make me want to go back soon.


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