Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Death and Taxes

Let's be honest. Taxes are no fun. For us it is business tax time. They are draining me of my will to live, people!!

Not much happening on the sewing front. Here's a little update.

Compiled a little menagerie, in varying degrees of stuffedness.

Picked up some onesies from H&M, so that I can applique some of the world's most expensive fabric for my future niece or nephew to drool on.

Dug this sweater out of my closet. That's a Kaffe Fasset pattern that I knitted almost twenty years ago, and accidentally felted almost ten years ago. 

I still love the design, and there is a fair amount of fabric in it -- could be a good handbag, or knitting basket? Maybe a cushion? Any suggestions?

Pirate quilt? No progress.

Eleventy thousand other christmas-related projects? No progress.

Sew Mama Sew is having their December giveaway day next Monday, and I have a little something that has been waiting for a loving home -- I am thinking giveaway day is the perfect occasion to find's a hint:

Giveaway Day

Linking up to WIP Wednesday. As soon as I have uncrumpled enough receipts to justify a little break/procrastination, I will be checking out all the awesomeness of WIP Wednesday!

Thanks for visiting, and for your thoughts in this taxing time. (Sorry. It was funny in my head.)


  1. Ooooooo - a 241 bag?? With clouds?? Save the trouble of linking it up and send it directly to me ;) Yum!!

  2. Oh, the cuteness! I love those little stuffies and those onesies will be adorable - drool and all!

  3. Those stuffies are adorable and using those prints to applique for the tops will look super cute! Look forward to seeing the finished top. Great way to upcycle, Yzo, cushion perhaps? It'll look great with the pattern blocks.

  4. I'm amazed by your knitting skills - whatever you make it has the potential to be something very beautiful. Good luck with the tax:-)

  5. That sweater is great. Maybe turn it into a yarn basket?

  6. The onsies will be too cute. Betz white I think has a tutorial to turn felted jumpers into baskets and bunnies.

  7. Love the sweater, would go for a cushion cover - looks a bit vintage, with some read piping?


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