Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Put a shark on it!

I don't know how it happened -- probably it was the unrelenting rain last Saturday that meant I didn't have to take the kids out, but could proclaim it a movie day for small people -- but I actually had a small burst of productivity.

They do brighten up our otherwise very neutral living room.

I also scratched another long planned project off my list - I love, love, love cathedral window quilts, but thought that getting those smooth curves might be challenging, so I started off with one of these from the Moda Bake Shop site.

So easy and so cute! I shortened the stitch length for the curves and they went perfectly. The only thing i would change is to cut the centre square 4.5" instead of 4.25", as i had a hard time making sure all the raw edges were sewn in before turning it. Next, I would love to make a small cushion. Of course, that cushion would then have to be encased in plastic (like all that "good" 60s furniture) so that no sticky paws could destroy it!

The major project last week was making the shark for my son's pirate quilt. I still had to make the sea, and then enlarge my original test shark. All went smoothly until I had a little lesson in values (I'm sure you've been noticing all the blog talk about value quilts!). See what I mean?

His jaw and bottom fin are almost invisible because I placed them next to fabrics of the same value. I could only face so much ripping out of improv pieces, so I only replaced the one next to the jaw. I can live with it! I just have to clean up the pattern, and then I'll have it here to download for anyone who might need a little shark in their life. Who knows, sharks could be the next owl, hedgehog or fox! It could happen.

I think he is pretty cute. I don't have a firm plan for the rest of the quilt - paper pieced letters for my sons name, maybe a paper pieced Jolly Roger. An HST inner border and a plain outer border? I think it will evolve as it needs to. I think this quilt will require some hand-quilting, as I can imagine I might break some needles trying to fmq with all those seams!

Lastly, (I told you I actually got some stuff done this weekend!) I saw a gorgeous table runner with four Japanese x and + blocks by Liz of Dandelion Daydreams, and I have wanted to make that block for a long time so I figured I would give it a shot.

I'm not crazy about the block on the left, a little too pink and blue I think, but I do like the one on the right. I think the Field Study fabrics work really well for these blocks. I feel like I still have so much to learn about colour, scale and value and these blocks are a really good exercise for that. I like how Liz used a neutral for the triangle pieces, it certainly works well to tone down the craziness of this block - but I also kind of like the crazy!

Well, it felt great to accomplish some stuff this week. The thirteen loads of laundry doesn't count, right? Thanks so much for visiting, it is great to have people to share with!

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  1. Love the shark & the ship! Better not show my 4 yr old cos he'll want me to make one for him... tomorrow! lol

  2. The shark is fantastic. I'll be interested in the pattern - thanks.

  3. This quilt is awesome - I bet your son will love it. The shark is fantastic.

  4. I absolutely love your shark and ship quilt - it makes me want to be little again - and I would't have noticed any problem with the jaw and fin if you hadn't pointed it out:-)

  5. The shark and ship blocks are really amazing. Just changing out that one fabric by the mouth really did help. Has your son seen the progress or is it a surprise? He is going to love it!

    ps love the title of your post. Way to be a trendsetter.

  6. The pirate quilt is going to be awesome! Value is definitely important, I think your final sea and shark look great!

  7. I agree, the pirate quilt for your son is FANTASTIC! And the shark is just the right touch. Can't wait to see how it turns out. And I'd love to see you do more cathedral window projects - then maybe I'll get my nerve up to try some.

  8. Cute pincushion! I've made one like that (might have been my first completed project on my blog) - I agree that cathedral windows are beautiful! Love your pirate blocks - that ship is amazing and the shark is so cool!

  9. Oh wow! Your work is amazing! And your paper piecing!!! Perfect! So happy to have found your blog at Martha's!

  10. Ohmigoodness! Love love love! Your son's quilt is going to be fantastic!

  11. That pirate quilt is way cool! I'm going to have to start following your blog to see how you finish it! :)

  12. wow that pin cushion stole my heart for sure, that is gorgeous! I am stopping by from the WIP hop :)

  13. I love the boat and Shark. They are so cute. many other great projects on the go too.

  14. The cushions are so fresh and pretty, and I love your x and + blocks. Field Study is such a gorgeous line.

  15. All of it looks great but I especially LOVE your son's quilt!

  16. Your pincushion is beautiful. I have had cathedral windows on my long list of things to try to make. I must give it a try!. YOur cushions are so pretty and colorful. Looking forward to the rest of your pirate quilt.

  17. Lots of lovelies here but I'm drooling over your son's quilt. Amazing!

  18. Wow! The shark is a wonderful addition to the pirate quilt! I also love the cushions, AMH has such beautiful designs. I want to try that Cathedral Windows pincushion as well. Thanks for the tip about the size of the centre piece!


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