Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Not really a WIP, but...

A finish!

It feels like a million years since I actually made a quilt! (Actually, it was back in May.) My Little Folks voile king sized quilt, in all her wrinkly glory! I never thought I would ever make a quilt this big, but making it in the lightweight voile certainly made it a lot easier to accomplish. It is 100" x 95".

I had just enough of the pink Village Path voile (on sale from to cover the back with just one (almost invivsible) seam up the middle. I do like a nice pieced back, but I also love an easy finish!

I went to the fabric store to find a nice yellow print for the binding, but ended up walking out with some Kona Pomegranate. I love it!

The 25 fat quarters of voile were just enough to complete this top - I miscalculated the number of squares I needed to cut (of course), so had to go back to the scraps to make a few more squares. I ended up piecing together little strips of scraps, and included a selvage in this one square - it's my favourite little detail. It is so great, though, to use up almost every inch of fabric.

It has already been test driven on the bed - very warm, despite being so lightweight. And, bonus, it is big enough for all five of us to snuggle under on the couch.

As far as real WIPs go, T-Hex continues on. I think I am almost 1/4 done! Maybe pictures next week :)

And for a little puzzler, I received a fabric shipment from Spoonflower a couple of weeks ago, with this curious little return label:

Return to Malmo, Sweden? Really? You'll probably only get why I found this so funny if you're a fan of Henning Mankell or Wallander.

And one last thing: a few weeks ago, the playground at my boys' school was vandalized for the third time in two years, and part of the play structure was burned down. It has been temporarily repaired, but we will have to replace it. The parents and school staff have started a fundraising campaign on Aviva - if you had the time or the inclination to register and vote for our project that would be really appreciated! You can register pretty painlessly through Facebook and so far I haven't received any spam from them. Here is the link. You can vote once a day. Thanks so much!!

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  1. It looks lovely - and snuggly too! I want one!

  2. wow!!! so much gorgeousness in one piece!!! Love the idea of using Little Folks in a simple patchwork and pomegranate binding frames it up nicely. Well done on a beautiful finish, Yzo! :)

  3. So pretty!! This is such a colorful line of fabric and I love the little bit of selvage peeking out. You did a great job :)

  4. love this quilt! it is so cheerful & cozy looking :)

  5. I agree - cheerful and cozy. Simple patchwork is sometimes (often) the best to show off great fabrics and colors!

  6. Gorgeous quilt! And I like the teepee in the bottom photo too!

  7. Great quilt. I love that it's so colourful.

  8. Oh! Your quilt is so friendly! It looks perfect for snuggling! And I bet the voile is divine! :)

  9. Big really is beautiful - just perfect!

  10. This looks beautiful and cheerful! I've got fabric cut for pretty much the exact same quilt (only smaller) and this makes me want to sew it together. Love the selvedge!


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