Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Oh. My. I cannot believe it is Wednesday again already! Do you ever feel like you are just playing catch up all the time? My week started off like that, but things really fell apart on Monday with my boys having the day off school. A little trip to the playground turned into all night in the ER as my middle child suffered a concussion falling off a play structure. He is totally OK now, but it was a little worrying at the time. Especially when taking one child to the hospital involves having to find someone to watch your other children -- I'm not a real single parent (my partner is working out of town), but the longer I do this, the more respect I have for the real single parents out there. I was lucky that my friend took my other two kids -- and they got to have their first sleepover with their friends!

Anyhoo, back to the sewing! Needless to say, there has been no activity since middle boy bonked his head, but just before that happened, I did this:

That's right:

Basted! And the best part was discovering that my sewing/office space is big enough to bast a king size quilt just by sliding a chair and a coffee table out of the way - sweet! Hopefully it will get quilted in the next week.

Other than that, just more of this:

T-Hex is growing, but that is probably only about 1/3 of the hexies I will need to finish it.

And, oh boy, too many online-credit-card-doesn't-feel-like-you're-spending-real-money purchases. The best one came last week:

That is just a little teeny bit of Field Study. Anna Maria, you mad genious, you had me at the blue cheetah print!

And then there was this:

Mendocino is probably my favourite fabric line ever, so I jumped all over these Spoonflower fabrics as soon as I discovered them. These are on Kona cotton, and of course they are lovely, however I do have to say that the colours are not as saturated as the original fabrics. I will still be happy to stitch them up however!

There might also have been some yarn purchases and maybe a book, too. Is there an Online Shoppers Anonymous support group? Maybe that is Hoarders?!

That's all my little brain can manage right now, hopefully I will be back later with a finished quilt to show you. Linking up with WIP Wednesday, despite being late to the party.

Thanks for visiting - I hope you have a lovely end-of-the-week!




  1. So sorry about your son's accident. I am glad he is okay. Your quilt is amazing! Oh, they should have a show about crazy fabric addicts! Haha that would be great. I think I'll go buy some more...

  2. Oh dear, sorry to hear about your son's mishap, hope he's feeling better already.
    Your Little Folks quilt top looks absolutely gorgeous!!! I did mine in hsts a few months ago but doesnt show off so much of the prints like yours! Can't wait to see the finished quilt.
    Love your recent fabric purchases and can't wait to see what you'll be doing with them.

  3. I hope your boy is ok. Love the quilt and great fabric choices !!

  4. Ahhhhh! Now I understand why you were warning me about hexies! As for your basted quilt- looking GREAT!
    Hope your boy is doing ok.

  5. Jealous of all the new fabrics. I like how the hexi's are organized.

  6. Glad middle son is ok! And I think we all would be the primary characters on a Fabric Hoarders show. I just had a convo about this with a friend - we do have a problem - but I think in the grand scheme of problems - online fabric shopping is a good one to have ;-)


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