Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Obsession & Avoidance

This king top sits cast aside, disgusted with its maker's lack of follow-it-throughness.

The backing fabrics have been located, but still the maker avoids the arduous job of clearing aside furniture, mopping the floor (!), and basting. So there it sits, folded and neglected.

What could be distracting the maker from this pressing job (the husband returns in just a few weeks, after all, and a new bed quilt has been promised)?

Ermm, could it be this...?

I am like a cruel mother, playing favourites, and this baby T-Hex has definitely captured my affections -- watching it grow, literally cell by cell, has become an obsessive pleasure. Have you become sick of hexie pictures yet? I hope not, because this WIP is long term: I figured out that I need three chevron repeats across and four repeats down for a 48" x 64" size. To keep it manageable I think I will have to sew chevron section separately and then join them all up at the end. I have discovered that my stash has a definite lack of yellows, oranges and purples - even though I am always attracted to those colours when buying fabric. Interesting.

I am linking up to WIP Wednesday and am looking forward to seeing what you are all up to.

Thanks for visiting and have a great week!


  1. Yeah the vacuuming always gets me. I baste on Sunday's after my hubs vacuums :)

  2. I'm lucky--we have a local "sewing lounge" where for $5/hr. you can use their huge layout table for basting quilts. Good luck getting the king-sized quilt basted (the colors are lovely), and have fun with your hexies!

  3. I will not tire of seeing your T-hex pictures!

  4. What a cute baby T-hex!!! And if you are MAKING a new bed quilt for the husband - you can't be that ridiculously bad of a housewife, now can you?

  5. Total sympathy - basting is a horrible job. I can see the lure of the hexies:-)

  6. Glad I'm not the only one with UFO's. hahaha I seriously love your hexies and can see why they have captured your attention.

  7. The hexies are gorgeous but so is that quilt top!


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