Saturday, June 30, 2012

Whatever happened to...June!

Lordy, it's been a while! First of all, a big (belated) thankyou to everyone who stopped by and left a lovely comment on my post/tutorial for the Let's Get Acquainted Blog Hop. You guys were so sweet!

Life has been pretty full here, we're mostly busy getting ready to move in a couple of weeks, so, lots of this:

In addition, we are getting ready to fly out east a couple of days after the move, where the little littles will be spending a couple of weeks with their grandparents, while number one son and I go to the UK to visit some long-lost relatives, and probably do some super-touristy things like visiting Stonehenge (that's at the top of my son's list!) and hopefully visit the beaches and castles of Cornwall and Devon. If anyone has any tips or suggestions on where we should go, feel free to speak up!

Contrary to what the radio silence on the blog might suggest, I have actually been doing quite a bit of sewing ... when I start to feel stressed out, that is when I start to procrastinate big time -- this time, the sewing room is where I go to pretend the whole moving mess doesn't exist. Plus, I will no longer have a sewing room after we move, so I want to make the most of it while I have it! (Truthfully, what I will miss most about not having a sewing room is not having to clean up after myself!)

I started with a stack of Ed Emberley's Happy Drawing fabrics to make some clothes for the boys, and this gem from the 80s:

First some shorts for number one, and capris for number two (although he is little, so they just look like floods!):

Followed by some Sketchbook shirts from Oliver + S:

 I'm sure y'all will note the great job I did matching fabric on the pockets! Yay for little details :) This is a fantastic pattern with all the professional looking details that you expect from Oliver + S. The boys wore these shirts for their year-end assembly. This will be their last year at the little K-3 annex school, as number one has "graduated" from grade 3, so it was a bitter-sweet day (made a little bit sweeter to see them wearing their shirts because they knew that would make me happy!).

I also cranked out these red-hot shorts from the same 80s pattern - my boys liked it because it had good sized pockets to bring home treasures from the park, but it is a bit poufy in the waistband area.

There were also a couple of items for myself (selfish sewing makes me feel so good!):

Another Shearwater Kaftan, again in Valorie Wells voile -- Wrenly this time. (Last time it was Nest.)

These shearwaters have become summer wardrobe staples - so lightweight and lovely to wear.

And a little zippy earbud case made with some favourite scraps, from this tutorial:

I'm hoping to have time to whip up a passport holder, and maybe a camera bag, but unfortunately the boys quilts are on hold until we get back to town in late summer...Sadly, this month produced zero quilting (sad face) even though I have tons of fabric put together ready to go, and a long list of quilts that I am hoping to make.

I hope to have time to post again before we leave town. I have been making time to follow the posts in the Let's Get Acquainted blog hop, there's some awesome stuff going down there, like Beth's School Rules mini quilt and Svetlana's Art Backpack from last week:

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And coming up this week:

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Not to mention the fantastic weekly posts from Beth about finding your way around places like Twitter and Flickr.

I hope all you Canucks have a great Canada Day weekend, and all the Americans have a wonderful Independence Day next week!

Thanks for visiting! Over and out :)


  1. No wonder June's gone quick with all that going on! I love the little earbud cases, they're very cute. Thanks for telling people about the blog hop, and inbox me if you like hiking ;-)

  2. Those clothes look fantastic - so cute with that fabric. And I really like the top you made for yourself.

  3. Fabulous clothes, particularly your kaftan. Good Luck with your move, I really hope it goes well. Have fun with your tour of Devon and Cornwall, both really beautiful, fingers crossed you get good weather!

  4. I have enjoyed reading your blogs and looking at your wonderful work. I have just started blogging and would love for you and your friends to join me as sometimes it seems I'm alone. Thank you and I can't wait to see all that you do :) Kathy at I also make little girl clothes.

  5. Those clothes are really cute.

    If you're thinking about going to Stonehenge, take a look at Avebury ( -- it's another neolithic stone circle (three of them, actually) -- you just walk into the fields with the henges and the sheep and can climb around and interact with the stones, which isn't possible anymore at Stonehenge, which is all roped off and very strictly controlled. I was in the UK last summer, and loved the visit to Avebury - it was one of the high points of my trip.


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