Sunday, April 1, 2012

Baby I Do!

Here is the most recent quilt that I made for my sweet new baby niece, Adeline. It is the Baby I Do pattern from Cherry House Quilts.

It was obviously pretty straightforward, with the exception of the circles. I have never pieced a circle, or anything curvy, before. Fortunately the pattern suggested using Dale's 6 minute circle method. This worked like a charm - those circles are pretty flawless, however, her six minute method took me about twenty! I managed to get it down to about fourteen by the last one, but still. I guess there's a reason my Ravelry name is turtlegurl -- and it's not just because I love turtles.

Baby quilts are the perfect size to practice free motion quilting - big enough to give you time to develop a rhythm, and big enough that little mistakes disappear, yet small enough that you don't have to give yourself a hernia wrestling it through the throat of the machine. I hadn't planned to do it, but decided to quilt around the white pears - they disappeared into the white background on the top ofmthe quilt a little, and were asking for a little extra pop. This is what they look like on the red backing.

I regretted it when I had to tie off and bury all the ends (I could have just made them join up with the rest of the quilting, but I thought this looked better) but it ended up looking cute.

I have quite a few quilting finishes to post soon, just have to upload the photos. In the meantime, here is a picture that I did just upload, this is my baby girl, on the beach in Mexico last year, about to fly off into the stratosphere like the crazy little tinkerbell creature she is.

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  1. Hey there, great to meet you and thanks for your comments on my blog :-) Yes, I thought some of the design looked like quilling too, I think I had a go at it when I was about 8! My course is through the School of Stitched Textiles, it's a distance learning course and it's great. Take a look at their website. You can study anywhere in the world - if you have time, which I have little of! I love your quilts by the way. Speak again soon, Sarah x


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